Reviews Of Norma Beishir’s “Final Hours” and “Chasing The Wind”

An excerpt from Chasing the Wind

Connor~ ”There’s something else I’ve never told you about. I’ve had a nightmare–the same one–since I was fifteen. It’s always the same, it never changes. There’s a violent storm. I’m in the water, and it’s very cold. The current is overwhelming me. I’m struggling to stay affloat. I see a light, a boat, and try to swim toward it. There’s someone on the deck, calling to me, reaching for me, but I can’t quite make it. I see your face, just once, before I’m pulled under.”

Lynne~ “Mine?” Lynne asked.

Connor~ “You,” Connor said. “The woman on the boat is you. I saw your face for the first time over twenty years ago. That’s why you seemed so familiar to me the night we met.”

Lynne~ ”What do you think it means?” Lynne asked. She didn’t laugh, didn’t question his honesty or his sanity. She believed him. “God gives us visions sometimes to lead us where we have to go.”

What an adventure! This very exciting book is filled with love, heartbreak, danger and a lot of very interesting characters.

Lynne is a religious archeologist who wants to work on a dig in Egypt, but she isn’t able to start the dig due to lack of funding. In comes Connor Mackenzie. He asks his stepfather, Edward, to fund the project. He does, and Connor goes off on his own adventure with Lynne.

But, there’s something mysterious about Connor. He has never been able to love anyone before. Any women he had before, he treated them like objects. He was afraid to love them in case they abandoned him like his mother did.

But, when he meets Lynne, he realizes that she is different, and he does everything to get her to love him. And, she does. With everything that she is, she loves him.

Connor is mysterious in other ways. He’s able to heal others with a single touch. He healed the baby bird that Lynne found, allowing it to be set free when he touched it. He healed the bruise she received when a rock fell on her shoulder during an earthquake, and the woman with cancer that he met when he was a young boy.

    “Go. The angels will guide you.”

Connor and Lynne, married now and pregnant with a baby, are forced to run for their lives. Their love is tested in many ways when truths are brought to the forefront of their relationship.

This is an excellent read. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as Connor and Lynne face danger after danger as they try to keep themselves, and their baby, alive.

It isn’t a book that you will likely be able to read in an afternoon, but I highly recommend this book. The love story is beautiful and the story compelling. I give this novel a 5 star rating.

Norma is currently re-writing this book so that it is in multiple first person point of view. I look forward to reading her new version of Chasing The Wind.


     Final Hours is about what you would do if you only had a few hours to live. How, and with whom, would you spend that time?

     Jamie Randall, a young, early thirties successful business man has been living a lie. A lie he thought he could have been out of by now. He’s living a life as a husband to a woman that he doesn’t love, having been trapped in the loveless marriage by her getting pregnant. His motivation for marrying her was for business purposes only. But, when she had the twin boys, he knew he couldn’t leave her. He loved his boys.

On a business trip to Rome, an earthquake occurs, causing the underground parking lot of the hotel that he owns, to collapse. With a broken leg, crushed by a piece of concrete, he yells for help. That’s when he meets nature photographer, Kate.

Maybe it was her beauty, or maybe it was his pain, but he instantly falls in love with her. He’s never cheated on his wife before, but suddenly, he wants to be with this woman. She is beautiful and kind, helping him stay alive. But, it’s more than that.

And, so begins a love affair that spans 14 years, and from the beginning of the book to the end, their love grows.

This is a book that will make you smile, laugh and cry. There is even one shocking element you find out at the end of the book. I wrote in my review on Amazon, that you know when a book is good when you can’t put it down. This was that book.

I loved both books, but this one was my very favourite. It allows you the chance to figure out on your own what you would do if you only had hours to live, and the author also gives you a chance to make your own ending. Not many author’s or stories are able to say that. That’s what makes this book so wonderful, in my opinion.


Unexpected~A Viator Legacy Novel by Erin Lausten

       “Daughter,” he said, his voice rumbling deep and silky. It sent shivers of unease up her spine. Could she seriously be related to this rat?

     “You must be Nikki.” Hailey held out a hand. “I’ve heard so much about you.” Taken aback, he paused and she pressed her advantage. “So I hear you want to rule the world–or something like that.”


Wow! What an action packed story that you won’t want to put it down! If you like action, thrillers, fantasy, time travel and the occasional bout of sexual tension between the two main character’s, you will definitely love this book. I feel honoured that this author allowed me a chance to read this book before it goes to publication.

This is the story of a woman who is leading a relatively normal enough life until a stressful event causes her to “disappear”. She wakes up in another time, on a pirate ship. She is about to be brutally attacked by the pirates when a strong, handsome man tries to rescue her. The stress of the event makes her disappear yet again, where she ends up in the middle of Nazi Germany during World War 2. Hailey has no idea what is happening to her, or why.

Dude! Enter a strong, young, handsome guy named Derian. He is a viator that is centuries years old, and Hailey is his charge, a novus. Hailey learns that she has some pretty amazing abilities, jumping through time being one of them. But Hailey is different from all the other viator’s. She has the ability to jump with objects and she can even jump to the viator’s main headquarters–the domus–where even Derian and the others can’t do that.

While hiding out, Hailey is kidnapped from Derian’s house. When she wakes up, she realizes that she has a sort of “leash” stuck to the back of her neck. The leash is an electronic-type device that prevents her from being able to ‘jump’ to another time to get away. Luckily another woman named Poppi, knows all about this apparatus. She had been kidnapped as well at one point a long time ago, but got away.

They settled in a heap of limbs and pain. Lot’s of pain. Centuries of experience told him his body would mend. Nothing serious or permanent had happened in the crash. But his certainty did not extend to Hailey. She was uncharacteristically quiet. He untangled himself and looked down to see her face blossoming with bruises and blood trickling from a shallow slice at her temple.

“Hailey! Leof, please wake up.”

     “Shit! I thought she’d land better than that.”

     Derian swung around to where Poppi stood beside them. “What the hell are you doing here?” She flinched at his tone, but he didn’t care. With a snarl he turned back to the woman that had somehow found a chink in his armor. The terror he felt at that moment was unlike any he had faced. No army or rogue was as daunting as losing her before he knew why her loss would haunt him.

I don’t want to give everything away, but bad guy, Nikanuur is after Hailey. Hailey was an experiment of Nikanuur’s and now he wants to know all that she can do.

I could go on. This book has so many twists and turns, making it a great novel that seriously, Dude, you won’t be able to put down. Just when you think you’ve read it all, and thought that the character’s couldn’t possibly go on, something else always comes up.

Who can they trust? Hailey’s great-grandmother, her father, any of the other viator’s? You’re going to have to read the book to find out the rest. Add in the character’s of Lucius (Magister), Nikanuur (Hailey’s father), Moina (Hailey’s mother) and Roderic (head of research), rogue viator’s and all the people who are trying to kill Hailey, and of course, all the time travel, this story has the makings of a fantasy bestseller.

And, while all this action is happening throughout the book, the sexual tension between Derian and Hailey grows. Every time they are together in the same room, you just want them to get together already. The sexual tension just makes the book hotter.

This book was beyond all my expectations. I was sort of expecting something like The Time Traveler’s Wife, (a book that was ok, but Erin’s is way better) but instead, was pleasantly surprised by everything in this novel. Erin has provided something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed. An excellent read, you won’t be disappointed in buying this book. Dude, out of five stars, I give this one twenty.

It was that good.

I look forward to reading more Viator Legacy novels from this author.

Reviewer’s note: I loved the “Dude’s” in this book…it reminds me of a girlfriend of mine who says “Dude!” all the time. Every time the character said it, I pictured my friend in Hailey’s place.

Shameless Review and Promotion: “The Touch” by Lisa Olsen

Take the keys and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.

Wow. I’m almost speechless. This was an exceptionally well written YA Paranormal. Except that I had to work and sometimes life gets in the way, I couldn’t put it down. I could envision everything that the author had written as it happened.

It’s about a girl named Lexi who has a rather special ability. When she touches objects, she can “see” who has handled it before and maybe what that object might have been used for. Since she was a little girl, she’s had to wear cotton gloves so that she doesn’t get bombarded with visions whenever she touches something. She even was afraid to touch another human beings because she might be able to “see” something from them.

Lexi has a sister named Allie who is married to Neil and has a daughter named Chloe. When Neil disappears one night, not coming home, Allie fears the worst. She thinks maybe he might have run off with the woman he was seeing behind her back at work.

Chloe, who is ten years old, is being visited by several ghosts. One is named Bianca. She tells her mom about them, but Allie doesn’t really believe that the old house they live in is haunted. Bianca likes Chloe and leaves her little trinkets under her bed.

When Chloe disappears, Lexi and Detective Gabriel Ryan go up into the attic to see if they can find some clues. That’s when Lexi touches something and gets a vision of a woman and her daughter. She called the little girl, Bianca.

When Neil’s car and body are found, all fingers point towards Allie. She had motive, means and no alibi. Lexi can’t believe that her sister would really kill her own husband. Would she have kidnapped her own daughter? Maybe killed her, too?

This book has just about everything in it. Drama, paranormal, thriller, and even a little bit of love. It’s a great Young Adult Paranormal that is easy to read. I did truly love this book. I am eager to read more from this new author. I give this book 5 stars!

Excerpt: WIP, Chasing the Wind series

As some of you already know, there’s no rhyme or reason to the way I write. I put my novels together like patchwork quilts. Scenes are not written in order but as they come to me. And, in the case of the Chasing the Wind series, the books don’t always come to me in order. This is going to be book four or five in the series. In it, Connor, plagued by self-doubt, is given a vision of what the future–his son’s future– will be like if he does not accept his calling….


New Zealand, August 2011:

Connor stood at the window, watching Lynne and Robyn as they played with the children. He turned to Rafaela. “There’s no indication Robyn ever suffered such extensive brain damage,” he said. “It’s a miracle.”

Rafaela nodded. “Yes, it is.”

“If only Alex could be so fortunate.” He shook his head. “He spends long hours in his studio, and he comes out in such dark moods, even Robyn can’t draw him out of it. The damned paintings…they’re destroying him.”

“He’s been given a gift,” Rafaela said.

“A gift?” There was unmasked sarcasm in Connor’s voice. “A bloody curse. That’s what it is.”

“Alex does what he must to warn mankind of the future they face,” Rafaela reminded him. “As do you.”

Connor shook his head. “God picked the wrong men for this spiritual suicide mission. I’m not cut out for this, either. I’m a scientist, not an evangelist.”

“You are the bridge between science and faith. That was the plan.”

Connor only shook his head, unconvinced.

“God doesn’t make mistakes, Connor,” Rafaela said. “You have seen what God has done, what a powerful instrument you can be in His hands.”

She picked up the remote and turned the TV on. Switching from one news channel to another, she showed him scenes of war…natural disasters…crime…missing and murdered children…terrorism. “Is this the world in which you would like your son and your niece to grow up?” she asked.

He glared at her. “Of course not.”

“One person can indeed make a difference…when he allows God to use him.”

“If he can hold onto his sanity in the process.” Connor left the room abruptly, unwilling to listen.

Rafaela shook her head. “He is a stubborn one,” she conceded, looking upward. “Perhaps a look into the future of his own child is in order?”

Sydney, Australia, April 2033:

“This is nuts, Danny Boy. They’re never gonna let us land.”

“Oh, ye of little faith, watch and learn.” At twenty-seven, Daniel Mackenzie was afraid of nothing and no one. Now, in control of the Cessna, he had no qualms about landing at the airport in Sydney in an unusually thick fog.

“You’re gonna get us killed, you idiot.” Tom Hayward had been Daniel’s friend since their college days. More than once, he’d asked himself why. He wondered if Daniel had a death wish. He wondered if Daniel Mackenzie might one day get both of them killed.

Daniel wasn’t paying attention. He was on the radio, talking to air traffic control. “Sydney Tower, this is Alpha Two One One Four Tango , requesting permission to land.”

“Negative, Alpha Two One One Four Tango. This airport is closed. Suggest you go to Canberra,” the air traffic controller responded.

“Negative, Sydney Tower,” Daniel said. “We have an emergency.”

Tom looked at him, puzzled. Emergency?

“State the nature of your emergency, Alpha Two One One Four Tango,” was the response from air traffic control.

“We’re out of fuel, Sydney Tower.”

Tom Hayward signaled furiously, pointing at the fuel gauge as he mouthed the words “We have a full tank, you stupid SOB!”

Air traffic control responded immediately. “Alpha Two One One Four Tango, we will bring you in. Follow my directions precisely.” The disembodied voice began a series of careful instructions for reduction of speed and altitude. Daniel, as always, was calm. Tom Hayward discovered a whole new meaning of the term ‘white-knuckle flyer.’

The small aircraft began its descent…lower…lower…. “We should be seeing the landing strip by now,” Tom worried aloud. “Where is it? Where the hell is it?”

Daniel grinned. “Patience, Padawan.”

“We’re gonna crash!”

Suddenly, the fog seemed to part as if by magic as two rows of lighted arrows appeared before them, revealing the airstrip below. “Welcome to Sydney,” Daniel said as they felt the jolt of the plane making contact with the tarmac. He brought the Cessna to a slow stop, then sniffed the air. “What’s that…smell?” he asked, making a face.

Tom wouldn’t look at him. “You scared the shit out of me. Literally.”

Daniel burst into laughter. He patted his friend’s shoulder. “You should be used to this by now,” he said. He climbed out of the plane and disappeared into the fog, leaving Tom Hayward staring after him.

>Chasing the Wind – The Next Generation

>By the time I had completed Chasing the Wind, I not only knew it was the beginning of a series,  I knew the basic plot points of each of the subsequent books. I also knew that the later books would involve the future generations of the Mackenzie and Stewart families–particularly Daniel Mackenzie and  Rusty Stewart.

I write everything down as it comes to me and file it away in case senility sets in and I can’t even remember my own name. In the following scene, Daniel, now twenty-five, is struggling to establish his own identity and deal with the supernatural gifts inherited from his father. As a result of his psychological rebellion, he’s become a bit of a scoundrel….

* * * * * * * * * *

The storm had knocked out the power.

From the moment Serena entered the house, she had the uneasy feeling she was not alone. She moved cautiously in the darkness, looking for a weapon–something, anything, with which she could defend herself. After a few frantic moments, she remembered the broadsword. It was hanging on the wall in the foyer.

She’d inherited it from her late father. It had been handed down through generations of his family. Now, it might well save her life. She gripped it tightly. Whoever was in the house was very close now. Watching her. Approaching her from behind….

Serena acted quickly. She spun around, stomping down hard on the intruder’s foot as she brought the sword upward, pushing him back against the wall.

“Put that thing down before you hurt somebody!” he yelped.

Serena immediately recognized the voice. She looked up in the darkness, realizing she had the blade pressed to his throat. “Daniel Mackenzie–what the hell are you doing here?” she demanded, lowering the sword.

“I could ask you the same question,” he responded, taking a deep breath.

“I live here, remember?”

“You were supposed to be in Hong Kong,” he said. “I thought I’d get the rest of my things and be gone before you came home.”

“I couldn’t be so fortunate.”

The lights came on abruptly. Serena wished they hadn’t. Face-to-face with him, he was damn near impossible to resist: well over six feet tall, with thick hair that was either chestnut or golden, depending upon the lighting, blue eyes that often held a wicked gleam, and a seductive grin. He’s hot and he knows it, she thought miserably.

(Chris Hemsworth looks exactly as I pictured Daniel, except he dresses a whole lot better!)

He bent to pick up his hat, which had fallen when she pinned him to the wall. He’d had the battered fedora for as long as she’d known him. And those scuffed boots, she thought, glancing downward in an attempt to avoid his eyes. All his family’s money and he dresses like a bum. It had never mattered to Serena. Daniel without clothes was spectacular. So what if he never made the cover of GQ?

“Come on, Serena,” he said in a teasing tone. “You still love me. Admit it.”

“Any woman who loves you has to have a masochistic streak,” she shot back at him. “Get your things and go.”

“You’re not even going to offer me a drink?” he asked.  A lock of his hair fell across his forehead. Serena stifled an urge to push it back, as she’d done out of habit when they were together.

He didn’t wait for her response. He stepped past her and went into the kitchen, taking a bottle of beer from the refrigerator. “I see you still keep it around,” he observed as he opened it. 


“Serena, my dear, you don’t drink beer,” he reminded her. “You kept this here for me, didn’t you?”    

“No,” she said with a shrug. “Just never bothered to get rid of it.”

He lifted the bottle to his mouth and took a long drink. “I’ve missed you, you know.”

“Haven’t found a replacement yet?” she asked.

He tried, but didn’t quite manage, to feign innocence. “I could never replace you.”

“Daniel, you’re so full of shit your eyes should be brown,” she told him. “Now, would you please just collect your things and leave?”

“You’d send me out into this storm?” he asked, playing the pity card.

“Storms have never bothered you before.”

“Maybe I’m just making excuses.”

She laughed at that. “Maybe?”

“Maybe I just want to be with you.”

“Maybe you just want to get laid.”

He laughed. “You say that as if it’s a bad thing.”

“Look, I don’t intend to be a casualty of war,” she told him. “You need to exorcise your demons, Daniel.”

“Demons aren’t allowed anywhere me,” he said, his tone suddenly somber.

>Six Sentence Sunday (An Army of Angels)

>This week, I’m taking my six sentences from my upcoming novel An Army of Angels….

He was about to be executed.

It means the fiasco I created with the children born in the last decade was not a factor in your cloning.”

Robyn nodded again, still stunned by the resemblance even though she’d known this man existed.

He begrudgingly admitted they were his best and most original work, but they gave him no pleasure, no sense of satisfaction.

Instead of the traditional bride and groom topper, the couple at the top of this cake were Beauty and the Beast.

Okay, so this one’s a twofer, but it was necessary….

And if I get old while you’re still young?” he asked.

            She grinned. “Then people will look at us and say, ‘Look at that old geezer with that hot babe. He’s either filthy rich or an amazing lover.’ And I’ll wink and say, ‘He ain’t got a dime.’’” 

>Six Sentence Sunday (Chasing the Wind)

>I learned this one from William. I’ve done it with Final Hours, and William and I did one together for Same Time, Tomorrow on our joint blog. This time, I’m taking six sentences from Chasing the Wind…okay, technically it’s seven, but the two had to be used together to make sense.

We tend to bend the rules. We haven’t always done it on Sunday, either.


“If I believed in all that supernatural crap, I’d think the devil’s testing me to see if I’m eligible for hell.”

“Heaven could be outsourcing.”

“What the hell are pigs doing in DC?” Caitlin asked.
Jack didn’t miss a beat. “Running for Congress.”

“This is not news, Ally. They’ve been at war since Moses came down from the mountain.”

“Darcy wouldn’t recognize love if it walked up and slapped him in the face.”

“I thought you’d be in your box, waiting for the sun to go down.” 

I just realized…they’re all dialogue….