Authors For Oklahoma ~ Update 3

0fb8d-set7We have had some positive results for the Authors For Oklahoma initiative. We’ve decided to extend the deadline once again, to the 16th of August.

We’re asking people to continue to spread the word, and to go through the six blogs detailing the bundles of books being raffled off in benefit for the Red Cross. It’s a good cause, and a ten dollar donation gets you a shot at these bundles. The links are below. We’re also asking you to tweet these blogs, with the various tags also listed below.

First, our Crowdrise link:

Make a donation through there, and come on back to these blogs (it might be easiest just to comment in these update blogs) as to which bundle you prefer. It’s a good cause, and there remains a need in the area around Moore, Oklahoma, for continued assistance by the Red Cross since the tornado this summer.

Here are our six blogs listing the contents of the book bundles:

You can also find our Facebook page here:

And here are our tags to be used for Tweeting this update or any of the earlier posts; please spread the word and let people know this is still going on. It’s a worthy cause, and the need is still there.

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Authors For Oklahoma #Giveaway Donate $10 and stand a chance to win a book basket







Authors For Oklahoma Update


We thought we’d take a bit of time today to update things here for the Authors For Oklahoma venture. We’ve decided to extend things by another week, to July 29th, in our venture to benefit the American Red Cross as they’ve been working to help people affected by the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

We’re not up where we need to be, so we need you to go through the previous six blogs (links to follow) and choose from among the book bundles. A lot of good writers have donated books to the cause, and we still need more people to make donations to the Red Cross through our Crowdrise link.

Here’s what you need to know about it:

This is a giveaway for 10 dollar donations to The American Red Cross, for Moore Oklahoma. This will run through to July 29th. One can make as many donations as they wish since your names will be drawn at the end. We also ask that you let us know what bundle or bundles you are interested in along with your email address. Also, please make your donation in the Crowdrise link before the comment boxes. This lets us know immediately that you’ve made your donation.

And so here are the six blogs we’ve got in place, from WordPress:

Take another look at everything; it’s a good cause, and a great selection of book bundles from a variety of authors. We would also appreciate it if you can help us continue to spread the word. Copy and paste, and start tweeting these tweets, to let people know about this.















Distractions: to a writer they can come in all sorts of things, good as well as bad. To me it means … Well, come to think of it, to me it means getting involved in things that have to do with writing, at least sideways, but it means I then do a lot less writing than I should/could. Hey, I’m not complaining, because those distractions are no more than exercises in writing.

How else would you call squeezing a full, head on, in your face marketing of your book in a mere *scurries off to check* Yes, just 140, one hundred and forty, characters to use in an eloquent way telling readers they should really buy our books.

Or keep up a consistent stream of entertaining blog posts that not only show how well you can write, but invites people (read potential readers of our books) to join our blogs and have our network of fellow indie authors on the ready to do the same. Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy giving other writers a platform onto which they can showcase themselves and their books, but it is mighty distracting, not to say time gobbling.

And then I haven’t even mentioned the Book of Faces. Yes, my friends that one place where I seem to land in jail time and time again for being too friendly/connecting/sharing, while that is the reason I signed up on there. Good thing too, since I’ve found you bunch there. 🙂

Anyway, distractions or the digital kind aren’t all bad, but they can get the writer’s mind, not to say the panties, in a twist and the flow of the writing pace halted.

Shoot! I’ve not even mentioned real life! Can we just do away with that? Why do we need to go out and get groceries or prepare meals, or sleep, for that matter? Right, because if we let the body perish the mind shrivels too and no writing gets done at all. And let’s not forget about those surrounding us writers telling us not to spend all those hours on the computer, wanting attention and things done. Distracting us from what matters most when the story is on a roll and words are flowing freely.

Writing is what matters, but distractions aren’t all bad. There’s parties and nice conversations, which spark new ideas for stories. And there is the very human need to be distracted every now and then. At least I need those delightful distractions to keep me going.

Anyway, there you have it. A lot of words on a topic one can never get a single minded solution for. Because let’s face it, I can be hammering away on my keyboard while music blasts through the house while you might just need peace and quiet.

There is however probably one thing most writers seem to need, or rather two if I may believe my fellow Distractees, and that is coffee and chocolate. 🙂

Happy distractions and I’ll see you all while you’re distracted from writing. Right?

The Power of Short Stories

old quill & book with skull

Short stories have been around since ancient times. They are a means of transmitting ideas, moral lessons, history and culture. They can vary in length and be in different forms. Older types of short stories used to be in rhymed verse. The early storyteller relied on known cultural phrases, fixed rhythms and rhyme. One of the earliest narratives was the Babylonian tale The Epic of Gilgamesh, which was in verse. Well known historical tales that have been passed down are The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and A Thousand and One Nights.

A couple of centuries ago short stories appeared in magazines and helped many writers to gain recognition. Charles Dickens was well known through his serialized stories. Short stories became mirrors of society, and culture and ideas were reflected in them. Their entertainment value became realized through master storytellers like Nathaniel Hawthorne, Anton Chekov and Edgar Allan Poe. Poe became known as the creator of the detective story and the horror story. His stories were excellent at bringing out mood, characterization and setting. Of course, in Europe and abroad other writers were following suit with their realistic tales like Rudyard Kipling and his tales from The Jungle Book. Today, many writers let their readers know their writing through short stories before they introduce them to their novels.

For more on the origins and background of the short story, please refer to the following links:

Short stories cannot spend time on too much background and details like in a novel. They are compact, so every word and phrase must be of value. The short story uses literary techniques that are used in other types of writings while containing the story, and usually it evokes one single effect or mood. Many short stories have actually been made into short movies or even feature length movies like The Lottery, Total Recall, Brokeback Mountain and Children of the Corn. And some short stories have led to expansion into novels.

The following are some great short stories I have read and reviewed, most of them are by WMD members. So, please click on the link to read my reviews:

Kidnapped WriterKidnapped Writer by Eve Gaal demonstrates the power of the printed word to change lives:

Billy the KidBilly the Kid by Cyn Bagley takes us into a paranormal world where we learn more about Native American culture while experiencing an adventurous tale:

AbsorbedAbsorbed by Penelope Crowe shows us the power of a cursed necklace:

Red Gone Bad by lucy pireelRed Gone Bad by Lucy Pireel does a dark twist on known fairy tales:

Werewolf LostElizabeth Kolodziej’s novella Salvaged Pieces of a Werewolf Lost follows in depth minor characters from her previous novels where we are transported to Japan:

Storm Chaser ShortsStorm Chaser Shorts by Mark R. Hunter explores more stories and backgrounds based on loveable characters from his novel Storm Chaser:

Big RedBig Red by Lorraine Sears surprisingly shows us a different side of the Devil:

soulless lightSoulless Light by Joann Buchanan takes us back to the days of Crusaders and how a wronged soul has its revenge:

Holy DevilHoly Devil by Lorelei Bell examines the unusual power that Rasputin held over people:

Wishes and PromisesWishes and Promises by Charlotte Holley explores the deep love and relationship between a little girl and her travelling military father:

Enjoy and good reading!

Lorelei Bell: Vampire Nocturnes And Giveaways

Vampire Nocturne, by Lorelei Bell

Vampire Nocturne, by Lorelei Bell

Sabrina is becoming a magical creature—not just a clairvoyant with a ring that thwarts a vampire’s thrall. In this exciting third installment, Sabrina learns how to travel the ley lines, and travels to another world called Beyond the Black Veil ~ a world where vampires outnumber humans ten to one, and humans are merely blood donors and objects of their sexual desires.

The Dagger of Delphi becomes her weapon of choice. And what becomes of Dante Badheart, whose spirit essences is contained in the stone he gave her when last he spoke to her from the dead, is another mystery that intrigues her.

Sabrina Strong’s cousin, Lindee, has disappeared, and when she goes to the last place Lindee was seen, she finds herself transported to another world and century, where vampires rule. While trying to solve the mystery of where Lindee could be in this world, Sabrina encounters Drakulya—the real-life Dracula—a.k.a. The Impaler—who has somehow managed to become a vampire living in this strange world, and rules as King.
The brief take from Lorelei Bell on her book Vampire Nocturne. This weekend, Lorelei is marking the release of her book with a giveaway at her blog. For three days starting tomorrow, she’s marking the occasion with four copies for your perusal. Go on over to her page at for the details!
And it doesn’t involve sparkly vampires. All the better.