Authors For Oklahoma ~ Update 3

0fb8d-set7We have had some positive results for the Authors For Oklahoma initiative. We’ve decided to extend the deadline once again, to the 16th of August.

We’re asking people to continue to spread the word, and to go through the six blogs detailing the bundles of books being raffled off in benefit for the Red Cross. It’s a good cause, and a ten dollar donation gets you a shot at these bundles. The links are below. We’re also asking you to tweet these blogs, with the various tags also listed below.

First, our Crowdrise link:

Make a donation through there, and come on back to these blogs (it might be easiest just to comment in these update blogs) as to which bundle you prefer. It’s a good cause, and there remains a need in the area around Moore, Oklahoma, for continued assistance by the Red Cross since the tornado this summer.

Here are our six blogs listing the contents of the book bundles:

You can also find our Facebook page here:

And here are our tags to be used for Tweeting this update or any of the earlier posts; please spread the word and let people know this is still going on. It’s a worthy cause, and the need is still there.

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Authors For Oklahoma ~ Update 2


The administrators behind the Authors For Oklahoma initiative are extending our deadline one final time, to Friday, August 9th, 2013. We thought we would update the page and give any further opportunities for people to look through the bundles, which will be listed below, with links for the six blog sets. We’ll also have Twitter tags for you to make use of while tweeting the links.

We had a very good response from authors who donated their books and ebooks to the cause, a benefit for the American Red Cross as they’ve worked in the area around Moore, Oklahoma, in the wake of the tornado early in the summer. However, the book raffle response has not been as expected. At this point, instead of what we had hoped to raise, a mere seventy dollars has been contributed to the Red Cross through our Crowdrise link.

Needless to say, this has been very discouraging for us. Authors freely gave their work to us, and we’ve put a lot of effort into the initiative, but it seems that the response has been lackluster.  Under the terms of the raffle we set up, ten dollar donations to the Red Cross through that link would get the donor a chance for the book set of their choice. We wanted those donors to identify the set they were interested in, with email information either in the comment or sent along to us privately. At this point, with eighteen sets in all, those who have donated are automatically getting a set. If we can muster a response from others in the next week, so much the better, at least those funds will be going to the Red Cross and the donors get a set of books out of it. If not, we  might have to consult with the Red Cross, perhaps send along the extra sets to the library system in Moore, something suitable along those lines.

We’re asking you to step up. The Red Cross is a good cause, and it still needs help for those whose lives have been so drastically affected this summer. Go through the contents of the six blogs listed below, make a donation to the Red Cross through the Crowdrise link above, and leave us a comment here as to what interests you.

Go through these, check out the bundles, and please follow through. Let other people know about it. Check out our Facebook page, and pass that along to others:!/AuthorsForOklahoma

Tweet this update, and those links. And if you can use these tags, we’d appreciate it.

#AuthorsForOklahoma #MooreTornado #AmericanRedCross

Or this Tweet tag, in addition to any of the links:

Authors For Oklahoma #Giveaway Donate $10 and stand a chance to win a book basket