A Poem by a Writer I Admire

As those of you who have been following my blog know, I have been writing about writers I admire. And today, I just had to post not about a writer I admire this time, but to post a poem by a writer I Admire with whom I’d done a guest blog and about whom I’d already written within this blog. The poem is titled “Revengeful Panther,” and it’s by a writer I admire named Lena Winfrey Seder. Her poem is amasing, as is its title that is perfectly fitting with the subject of the poem, plus it expresses as though from the eyes of an abusive person, in affect, making this poem a wonderful tool in helping raise awareness about domestic abuse and about how an abusive person can think and be. This poem is below:


The black panther awaits deep in the dark forest.
Watching quietly to catch prey that is too bold,
He hates his disgraceful acts, but can find no rest.
Life’s experiences have made him old.
He skillfully sharpens his claws, his best defense.
Striking out at the world in desired revenge.
Around his ice-cold heart remains a barbed-wire fence.
Frightening others with mean looks that make them cringe,
Teeth grinding and heart aching from flames as he waits.
What or who does he wait for? He doesn’t even know.
He tries to avoid others’ jagged traps and baits.
Playing this chess game and escaping Cupid’s bow,
Afraid of love, he only thinks of survival.
The smiling mask he wears hides his salty tears.
He received scars before from a former rival.
Pain, never forgotten, carried through all the years.
Revenge, his bitter-sweet passion, stabs like a knife.
When will he forgive to start a happy new life?


Lena is truly an great poet and person.   Lena Seder’s poems can be found in ‘Poetry Corner’ on the Writer’s Digest online site.  So, please consider going there to read her wonderful poems.

April Morone