Book Review: Chasing the Wind (1st Person Revised) by Norma and Collin Beishir

Chasing the Wind Cover

I reviewed the original version of this book which was written in the third person. In this version, it has been re-written in the 1st person. I will re-post my original review then add to it after:

Get ready for an intense ride with Chasing the Wind. This book grabbed me from the beginning and never let go.

Dr. Lynne Raven is an archeologist on a dig in Egypt, looking for biblical artifacts from the time of the Exodus. The problem is, money is drying up and it looks like the dig is over until a saving grace comes along in the form of a man named Connor Mackenzie. He is a man shrouded in mystery and has an obvious interest in Lynne, but he also has access to what appears to be near limitless wealth. He offers to fund the dig for 5 years and provides resources they could never have dreamed of.

Lynne is approaching middle age. She is divorced and has no children, but always wanted them. Connor’s interest in her transformed when he did something that he never thought would happen: he fell in love with her. That’s when the flood gates opened.

Connor’s mysterious past comes alive. He and Lynne both discover that there is far more to his past, and their future, than either of them could have ever imagined. Pursued by a mysterious cult that seems to believe Connor is the way to jumpstart the Apocalypse, they must fight for their very survival.

Aspects of this book are actually brought about by real research. The portions of the Exodus mentioned in this book (the timing of it, the parting of the Reed Sea instead of the Red Sea, etc) are actual debates taking place with biblical scholars.

The characters also come alive with some great dialogue. Some examples:

“This whole thing is so fishy you could serve it with fries and hushpuppies.”

“You know Darcy, there’s a saying that only the good die young. If that’s true, you’re going to live forever. God doesn’t want you and the devil won’t have you for fear of a power struggle.”

I highly recommend this book. I’m looking forward to the sequel, Army of Angels.


Okay, so comparing the two, for those of you who read the first version, here’s my take. Think of the original version as having a job you love. You get paid well. You actually don’t dread going to work on Monday morning. You feel good every day when you get up. Now, with the new version, picture having that same job and getting a random raise. It’s just more of a good thing. If you haven’t read Chasing the Wind yet, get in on it now. If you read the original version, it’s worthwhile to jump back in. You get a better peek into the minds of the characters. Actually, Connor’s thought processes to me were the most revealing. The intensity of the twists and turns are pumped up as first person perspective really brings you into the characters’ emotional states as you go through. Again, especially with Connor whose mysterious past resurfaces throughout the book and he discovers something about himself that he never thought possible. This book is going to ramp you up for the sequel, which I can’t wait for.


12 thoughts on “Book Review: Chasing the Wind (1st Person Revised) by Norma and Collin Beishir

  1. Great review, Mike! I think though you meant 1st person at the top. I read the original and loved it, so I can’t wait to read the revised edition! And I’m waiting in line for the sequel! Excellent novel! wonderful characters! Intense plot! Superb writing! Reading this novel, just takes your breath away! It did for me.

  2. It was a most excellent review and a most excellent book to be reviewed. The edited version is more my liking, since I write in multiple first person POV, so it’s easy for me to get into that characters mind.

    Great review Mike!!

    • I’m not a first person POV writer myself, so anyone who can do both first and third is definitely a pro writer.

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