New and Upcoming WMD Releases

Millions of Kindle units, including the new Kindle Fire, as well as Nooks and other eReaders have been sold and will be given as gifts tomorrow and wonderful gifts they are. Of course, for those of you who either have eReaders or are getting them, you’ll need books to populate them. Well give us a look.

99 cents for the eBook

eBook version available for 99 cents

The first book of a trilogy, 7 Scorpions: Rebellion has gotten a boatload of great reviews as well as a bunch of awards. Click on the cover image to check out the amazon listing or here for the Barnes and Noble listing. You can download a free sample from the website. Soon, the book will be re-released (eBook will still be 99 cents) under my own press, Sagido Publishing. I will be re-typesetting it and fixing a few issues that made it into the final version for the previous release. For the most part, it will remain unchanged although the overuse of all caps will be removed (which is the result of the feedback I’ve gotten, see, I listen to constructive criticism). You can nab the current version which has been well received without fear. Again, it’s 99 cents and you can read the sample chapters just to make sure (which everyone should do, even if you don’t shop at Amazon use the Look Inside feature).

7 Scorpions Revolution Book 2

eBook version available for $2.99

The second book of the trilogy was just released a few days ago. You can check out its first review on the Eclectic Artist Cave. You can nab it on Amazon by clicking on the cover image or from Barnes and Noble. The price tag is only $2.99 so you’ll be spending a total of 4 bucks for both of them. Not bad, huh?Just a side warning, these books are based on nightmares I used to have to it’s not all daisies and singing in the rain. I once had someone upset about the level of violence. I asked them what about a post-apocalyptic setting wasn’t understood.

Now, I’m not a selfish bastard and this isn’t all about me. I highlighted some other books in the back of my new release, and I will mention them here as you will want to pay attention to them.

Unexpected Cover

eBook available for $3.99

WMD’s own Erin Lausten just released her new book Unexpected. I downloaded it on release day. As soon as I finish this Star Wars book I’m reading, this is my next read and I’ll post a review here. I’ve read her stuff before and I have no doubt it’s good. For 4 bucks, what the hell do you have to lose? Click on the pic to go to Amazon or here to get the Nook version.

Army of Angels

Coming in 2012!

Bestselling Author and WMD founding member Norma Beishir and her son Collin are going to be releasing the sequel to Chasing the Wind (which was f**king awesome, you can scope out my review which is posted on the page the previous link leads to, along with several other reviews, nab it for $2.99). I will be diving into this one the moment it comes out but I’m sure Norma is getting annoyed with me for constantly bothering her for it.

Heaven and Hell Front Cover

In 2012, a very promising release by WMD’s William Kendall will be gracing the shelves and our eReaders. Heaven and Hell is a terrorist thriller but I can tell you, William has done more research for this book than I will probably do for my dissertation. He even spoke to police officers to ask about pain level of various bullet wounds, just to insure he could get this as realistic as possible. Talk about dedication. This is one to grab the moment it comes out, it promises to be a big one.

Same Time Tomorrow Ad

Norma and William have alter egos who go by the names James Morgan and Scarlett Martin. These alter egos have two things on their mind: sex and writing about sex. That being the case, they are releasing what promises to be a steamy story called Same Time Tomorrow. Definitely another one to pick up.

Extinction Level Event

Collin Beishir will soon be releasing his first solo novel, ELE (Extinction Level Event). I have to admit, I have a side interest in astrophysics so the premise of this book has got me eagerly awaiting its release. When a nearby star in the Alpha Centauri system goes Supernova, time is limited before the Supernova Remnant reaches Earth. Exciting realistic science fiction? Hell yeah! Can’t wait for this one.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for new and upcoming releases from WMD. Now, I know that I have questioned the validity of book trailers in the past but if you know what you’re doing, they can be fun to make, so I made one for 7 Scorpions: Revolution. Check it out here:


22 thoughts on “New and Upcoming WMD Releases

      • Storm Chaser is awesome. It was the first Romantic Comedy I ever read and finished and I couldn’t put it down.

      • But will Mike say the same thing about the Storm Chaser short story collection … none of which are romance, come to think of it! The sequel’s shaping up to be a romance that’s a bit less romance and a bit more humor/thriller in the Stephanie Plum vein … I just finished the outline, and you’re the first to know.

      • Mark, that sounds even more like something I’d like. I really typically don’t do romance, you just did a really good job with your writing. You and Beth have made me rethink my genres!

  1. Congratulations everyone! Look forward to all the good reads! Hope to join you in more publishing this coming year! Mike, great post!

  2. I didn’t realize I missed this WMD post!!!

    We are an amazing bunch of people here at WMD!!! I’m glad to be associated with all of you!

    I’ve been working on 3 different books as well…one is almost done…one is sort of done, but then I keep changing it and the other one is a re-hash of old characters from my trilogy. Look for them in 2012!!!

  3. Now THIS is an awesome blog post which has awesome reviews of really good books. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can say that I am currently reading the first book of Scorpions & and am thoroughly enjoying it. And I will say that this book is an action type of book, which is also right up my alley of type of book. And the book has a very “Terminator” story type feeling to it (by that, I mean that it has a fast-paced and action-filled, good-vs-evil battle storyline going on), which I love. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the personality and the severe observational skills, knowledge, seriousness, toughness, and intelligence of the protagonist and main character of this story, plus the fact that the main character has a sort of “built in” instinct that lets him know when the enemies are near before even his conscious mind knows that the enemies are near, which helps him to fight them. I’ve never read about a character having that attribute in a book, before. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks April! I’ve had a few people compare 7 Scorpions to Terminator, which is an honor considering I am a big fan of the Terminator movies.

      • You’re very welcome, hon. Cool that they also had. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, I understand about liking the terminator movies. My brother and I were glued to the t.v. set, if you will, watching again and again, the terminator movies. Lol.

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