It Shows In Your Work

It shows within your work when you are enthusiastic about your work.  And when you don’t have enthusiasm about what you are writing or about writing, itself, it can reflect within your work, so strongly, perhaps, that readers might get bored with reading your work, evennif it has good information in it or a good poem, story, and plot.  But when the enthusiasm is there about writing and about what you are writing, that can make the story or article of which you are writing, shine.  So, try picking subjects you have high interest in, put your emotions into your words, let your emotions fuel you when writing stories and poems, and even if sometimes writing articles if wanting to make the readers sympathise and empathise with you about the situations, points, and facts you are expressing within your article. Then, write a rough draft to see if it says what you want it to say-what you want it to express, not just exressing the story, plot, etc.  Show it. Express it. And above all else, put your all into it. Zone in. What I mean by this is simple: Zone in, into what you are doing and into what you are writing. If you are around a stressul environment, especially much of the time, and you cannot seem to let down, enough, to write, just take deep breathes and stare at the screen without thinking. Then think only on the work, ahead of you that you want to do to express what you want to express, and focus solely on that, if at all possible, even if in small increments. Try to not think about the stressors and stressful situations as you are writing your articles or books (unless they are about the stressors around you. And then, if those articles and books are are about those stressors and the stressful environment around you, then pay attention to those stressors, but from an observational perspective, only, not allowing yourself to feel whatever is happening around you as you observe it all so that you can collect the data from that process to then use to add into your work material, looking at everything that is happening of stressful situation(s) as though an outsider looking in. And then, as you write those articles and books about that subject, use that collected info you’d observed about your stressful surroundings as reference in your work, being mindful to add your emotions you remembered previously feeling from your situation before you started to writing). Once you have begun writing, let it all just pour out of you of words as they will as you allow yourself to follow whatever path unfolds, wherever the writing process takes you. Try to not stop or interupt your writing path for another way of writing. Once finished for the day, hour, etc., check your grammar, form, format, spelling, etc., and make the changes you need and want to make to your writing. If you do this, it will show within your work, well, and it will not only grab readers in, from the start, but it will keep readers in, as well. Write, away. And above all, enjoy it.

April Morone

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About aprilmorone

I am a Virginia resident, currently, who is a writer and poet who has been writing for about 25years, now. I write poetry and am in the process of writing my first romance novel, which I’ve found fun to write. I also draw, paint, and work on computers (hardware and computer programming, got my AAS degree as a Computer Support Specialist. I still carry on my writing as my number one type of job because writing is who I am, not what I do. My main blog addresses are the following: *I have other blog addresses, but most of those are also on the same blog site of

7 thoughts on “It Shows In Your Work

  1. Sound advice. I agree that you have to have some passion or some interest in what you are writing in order for it to be interesting to the reader. Readers can sense sincerity or just someone trying to write only for money’s sake. True writers must love writing and love their (or feel some emotion) towards what they are writing. Focus is the key and so is editing and editing!!

    • Lena,
      Thank you, sis. I am very glad that you like my advise. 🙂 I agree with you about that true writers should love or should feel some emotion towards what they are writing. Focus and lots of editing are key. Lol. 🙂

      Ty, hon. 🙂 Glad you like my post, plus like the way I pour out my love for writing. I love the way you write and can tell that you sincerely seem to love to write because it shows, well, within the pieces you write. I think I’ve never seen a post you’d written that I hadn’t liked, nor that of which was a post where one couldn’t tell that you love to write.

      Ty, hon. 🙂 glad you like this. Hugs, back. 🙂 You are reading my book? Awesome. 🙂 I sincerely hope tht you like it. 🙂

      Ty, hon. Hugs. That is a wonderful compliment-and one of which I didn’t ever expect from anyone. Lol. I think that I have to stay with it cus it is part of who I am, not just of what I do. And to not write is to not be who I am. I feel lost in some way, if I don’t write. Writing also keeps me strong of will to keep going. 🙂 I feel truly down on the days I cannot write cus of m health. But, I am trying my best to do so as often as I can.

    • William,
      Ty, hon, about liking that I keep going despite all I’ve had to deal with, and also Ty for liking the way I’ finished off this post. 🙂 Glad that I did well doing so, and glad you liked it.

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