Today is my day to post. And despite the many e-mail reminders, it didn’t register. Well…not until this morning. ***rolling my eyes***

Lately, I’ve been under a pile of rewrites and edits. I’m up to my eyeballs. My desk is covered with endless mounds of paper and notes. A box full of old chapters stay at my feet, calling to me, “Use this part. Use this part.” If only I could find those parts. ***scratching my head*** They’re really good, too. I can only hope they are really still there. Somewhere. One day after the book is pushlished, I’ll find them.

The kitchen table isn’t free from folders and papers either.

Did I mention how many little 4GBs I have? Color coded, too. They whisper to me, “The really good stuff’s in me. Pick me. Pick me.” Like that really helps. Not really, even though I’ve taken the time to lable each folder in those tiny thingies.

So anyway, while most peeps were out on Black Friday doing the Christmas-hunt-and-kill-thing, I printed out the last twelve chapters to my novel. What a bleeping mess!

You see, I’m a panster a/k/a fart writer. I plan absolutely nothing, going with the flow of the ink and whatever flatulates out of my head. But, I do like to write my scenes in order. Yeah. I know. Weird.  Right?

My whole world crumbles when I lose my order in my organized chaos. Believe it or not, I’ve got misnumbered chapters. Some of my scenes are out of sequence. How did I do that?! OMG.

And then, there’s formatting. I shake my head here. This part gives me heart palpitations. In fact, I feel a few happening right now as I type this piece. Yup. I’ve got a few chapters that are aligned improperly. I swear there must be little computer gremlins that come out after I turn my computer off. They did it! They’ve been screwing with my settings. If  only I could catch them, I’d fix their wagons.

I’m having a writer’s-break-down-moment. That’s all.  How about any of you?

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Wife. Mother of five daughters and two dogs, Honey Bear and Sir Poops-A-Lot. A new grandma to Ho-Ho and another one coming, little Glowstick.Hairdresser at forty hours a week. A wanna-be author the rest of the time. Finished novel, Secondhand Shoes. Currently, in the hands of Wyley-Merrick for review. Working on The Boy Next Door. Title, subject to change. Member of Florida Writer's Association, Community Writer's Digest, and Writer's of Mass Distraction. And, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Oh, and did I mention, I'm the Frag Queen.

10 thoughts on “Oooops!

  1. I don’t use paper anymore. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything by hand, I think I’ve forgotten how. I was out yesterday and realized, for the first time in years, I didn’t even have a pen in my bag. And it was one of those rare occasions when I actually needed one!

    I used to outline obsessively. Now I have that basic gist of the story and let it unfold naturally from there. It almost never goes as planned anyway. characters have their own ideas about how their stories should go….

  2. Totally get the paper thing, but most of mine is in notebooks in my desk and filed neatly by chapter. I have to have paper and pens, even though I don’t obsessively write it all out longhand anymore and then recopy into computer. Now it’s more about making some notes and then writing.

    Being a panster is okay, but even then, I think you need to have a plan, even if it’s the scene you’re working on. I’ve done it both ways and find I like a little planning, but not a ton.

    Speaking of the 4GBs, I need to do some backing up. I just finished NaNoWriMo and did some good work. Don’t want to lose it — or have to retype it. You see, it’s all hard copy.

  3. I write by hand so little that my handwriting is barely legible . . . even to me. Matter of fact, I have a dual monitor setup so I can have MS Word on one screen and notepad on another. Yeah, I’m a tech Geek. I’ll admit.

  4. Yeah, I get those moments. They used to happen to me more often when I was a pantser *points to big pile of unfinished manuscripts*, but even the best planned out stories will throw curves at you from time to time.

  5. I start writing in a notebook and sometimes I end up just typing it out as the story unfolds. But, to begin with, I write it down. If there’s a scene that I want to write, then I can’t be happy until I’ve written it. But, don’t get me wrong…I have papers laying around, too.

    I tend to write in somewhat of a point form fashion, and when I’m done typing that page, I cross it out so I know that I’ve already used that material.

  6. Well, I’m finally getting back to the replies. Sorry guys! I know some of you knew I was off-line for a bit.

    As for being a panster, I’m more passionate when I write that way. ***shrugs*** But I have to go back and connect the dots and…yeah, you know plan.

    Writing my stuff by hand helps me get through some pretty rough spots.

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