Idiot Reviewers of the Week

Case for Creator

So often, those of us with creative works, whether it be books, television, movies, video games, or whatever else, are subject to ridicule via reviewers. It comes with the territory and I’ve already written about why people don’t need to be crybabies about it. That being said, there are plenty of reviewers out there who could learn a thing or two about writing reviews. The internet is loaded with illiterate, half-wit, brain-dead fools who happen to have a computer and a connection to the web so they get to litter cyberspace with their ill-conceived gibberish. The example I make today is actually in regards to a DVD. You’ll see why momentarily. It’s the documentary, A Case for a Creator which is basically a televised version of the book by Lee Strobel. Floating around out there, are some negative reviews, no big surprise when you’re discussing religion. Well written reviews are fine. Below . . . well . . . these are something else:

“A great book if all you are looking for is reaffirming your faith through confirmation bias.”

Huh? That’s a review? Okay pal, first of all, you wrote this review about the DVD, not the book. If you wanted to review the book, link it to the book. The fact that you can’t tell the difference between the two shows that you probably have the educational equivalent of a Tusken Raider. Second of all, a one line review? Talk about bias. So you don’t agree with the content? Why not define why? Did you even bother to watch it? Wait, no, you probably didn’t because you thought you were reviewing a book when you’re reviewing a DVD.

Picard Face Palm

“The only reason I rated this DVD so low is that the person receiving the gift was unable to watch it. He is hearing impaired. The DVD does not offer or allow for closed captioning. The DVD is being returned. It has not been viewed.”

Okay, people who write reviews like this piss me the hell off. READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION! Seriously! It’s called Google. It’s called the *&^%ing packaging. It’s called the damn listing on whatever the hell site you buy it from. You give a bad rating because you can’t read or you’re too lazy to look it up? That’s not the fault of the people who put this out. I despise people who use reviews as a forum to complain about something no one ever claimed the item had.

Okay . . . deep breath . . . I’m back. I am a fan of the 1st amendment and the protected right of free speech. Realistically though, there are arguments against everything and these are two individuals who are testament against said freedom of speech. Thank you for helping the cause of dictators and censorship supporters.

Stupid people shut up


15 thoughts on “Idiot Reviewers of the Week

  1. Yeah, this is definitely a facepalm moment.

    I always tell anyone looking for a good book, movie, etc. to read the customer reviews–and ignore those that are full of typos, grammar mistakes or stupid comments like these (as the reviewer obviously couldn’t correctly pass judgment on the literary merits of a grocery list) or written by someone who’s only reviewed that author (a sure indicator it’s been done by a friend or family member).

  2. Mike,

    Great post! And I’m glad someone finally spoke out against stupid reviewers! I agree with you on the freedom of speech issue, but come on…some people really should not be given a mouth to open or a means to write a review with because they have no common sense! As you said, if you really want to call it a review, read the actual book and not the DVD! Maybe some people can barely read! This is living proof of our failing education systems! Take care!

  3. Mike,
    Lol. Don’t you just love reviewers who review the way that reviwer had who’d thought he was reviewing a book instead of a DVD (says with sarcasm)? Seems like that one reviewer hadn’t been paying attention to what he was doing, nor possibly had even watched the DVD before reviewing it. I refuse to give reviews on any material of any kind without first reading or viewing it, and then giving sound reviews. That guy seems as though he didn’t put time and effort into the review he did, at all. Geez.

  4. I have to agree that one line reviews aren’t the best….however, reading a book, and NOT reviewing it, is just as bad. I know there are several people out in blogland, the real world, facebook, etc…that write books but never review any. There’s also the same bunch of people that read books and never review any. I’ve had the one line review before, and thankfully, it was a good one…but, at least they thought enough about it to say something. Maybe it should have been more, and quite frankly, I would have loved to have heard more from this person, but that was all I got. At least it was something…

    I don’t understand reading a book and not reviewing it…good, bad or indifferent. But, I do agree that it should be more than one or two lines.

    • Well, I would have to say that not everyone out there can write an intelligent review, as we can see an example of above. 🙂

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