Real Life

You know, the last couple weeks I’ve read a few blogs about writer’s lives getting in the way of their projects. Some have been disasterous. Yup. Know what you all mean. I’ve had a few myself lately.

I hate it when something gets between me and my most favorite time in the world. I prefer fiction to the real life drama. The real life stuff is draining.

Not to mention, I have to accept the fact I can’t control real people. It’s nice to know if any of the fiction peeps get to be real PITAS, I can maime or kill them off without the threat of prison or the death penalty. I can even control traffic and the elements when I write. Fiction drama is so much easier to deal with.

But on a daily basis we all face THE CIRCUMSTANCES in real life that arise. You know, where your daughter gets thrown out of her apartment into the streets and you live like two hours away. And, you’re the only one who can help her.  Plus, it’s your day off and you’d already planned to write for most of the day. Yeah. Good luck with that, because you’ve now driven half your day away.

How about the day you wake up with your head full of snot? You’re feeling achey, chilly, and feverish. And, all you can do is sneeze and choke between gasping breaths. You’re so ill you can’t even write one word let alone plot out another scene. Crappity-crap-crap-crap, right?

Oh yeah, then there’s the job. Yup. Most writers have another job to deal with like I do and that sometimes means being called in on your day off or coming in earlier than originally planned. Things get in the way.

Who was the brain that quoted “You’re not a writer if you’re not writing every day”?  Really?

Hey! What is a writer supposed to do if a tornado comes along and blows away thier house, computer, pens, journals, and Post-It Notes?

 Well, I say ABSOLUTE NONSENSE to that wonderful quote of the day. Sometimes we need to take a time out to deal with life’s little or big surprises. Too bad we can’t wave a magic pen and throw around a couple Post-It Notes to make all the real life drama  go away.

But it’s okay. It’s all good or will be. I believe when we don’t get to write we’re somehow solving our stories in the darkest corners of our minds while we’re dealing with the real life stuff.

 So don’t fret over not getting any words on paper or across your computer screen today. Real life happens. Besides, those interruptions make great fodder for the next novel or possibly the current one you’re working on.

Anyway, I need to excuse myself from this piece. Hair Ball made it a point to jump in my lap and barf on me.  My bare foot is now  resting in a nice puddle of puke. Talk about a surprise.  ***rolling my eyes***

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Wife. Mother of five daughters and two dogs, Honey Bear and Sir Poops-A-Lot. A new grandma to Ho-Ho and another one coming, little Glowstick.Hairdresser at forty hours a week. A wanna-be author the rest of the time. Finished novel, Secondhand Shoes. Currently, in the hands of Wyley-Merrick for review. Working on The Boy Next Door. Title, subject to change. Member of Florida Writer's Association, Community Writer's Digest, and Writer's of Mass Distraction. And, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Oh, and did I mention, I'm the Frag Queen.

9 thoughts on “Real Life

  1. Oh, isn’t this the truth. You asked me to look at this piece, and real life got in the way…mainly a little 8 year old.

    Last week, there was one day that I had planned on getting down to business with my WIP. I’d written down some in a notebook and was going to add those scenes into the story. Alas, that didn’t happen. I had to spend the day with my mom who was very ill, and then I get home and have family to deal with…mainly making supper and homework, reading, etc..Another day last week, I had planned on working on it, but I was so upset about something else and I couldn’t write a word.

    Real life gets in the way, but sometimes, like you said, we can use those events for future characters or storylines. Great post!

  2. Thanks, Beth. I believe we needed to read this one. It’s like all across the boards writers are experiencing a huge black cloud is stalking them.

  3. The person who wrote that you’re not a writer…blah blah was probably someone who’d written a book on writing, in their spare time. What with riots, bosses who actually want me to do some work and in my case cats barfing chunks on my notebook, I’m lucky to get a thousand words a day. And that’s when my alleged daughter doesn’t decide to draw pretty pictures over today’s outpourings. I’d get a Doberman to guard my stuff but she’d probably dress it up in a pretty pink pullover. The poor mutt wouldn’t stand a chance.

  4. Well, let’s see: Last night I arrived home to find my sewer is backing up, and today my daughter is getting married. Yep … sometimes real life gets in the way of writing.

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  6. I hope the barf on your foot was a fictional piece of creative writing. If not, well you’re so right about life getting in the way. Even without a full time gig right now, I’m still too busy sometimes! Hope things settle down soon. ((Hugs!))

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