Write Like The Kudzu–Growing and Never Giving Up!

Years ago, some southern states decided to plant a very aggressive ground cover called kudzu to prevent erosion on highway embankments. Little did they know that this plant is practically unstoppable and wants to conquer every foot of open space. It wants to take over the world….

Your desire to write needs to be like kudzu, bamboo or horsetail reed. In my yard we have two concrete flower beds with horsetail reeds, which is an incredibly invasive plant. We knew they were invasive when we planted them and thought that they would take over the planter and stay nice and green all the time. Unfortunately, our hot desert summers took a toll on the appearance of the horsetail reeds and so we pulled them out. Digging out the old soil and replacing it with fresh bags of new soil was the most difficult part before planting pansies and petunias. The colorful flowers were quite enjoyable for a short time, until the clown-punching-bag horsetail reed started coming up again. After the flowers dried up, we repeated our efforts and concentrated on digging out the roots—or so we thought. A week or so later we see the persistent horsetail reeds pushing through the ground. I keep imagining that the other side of these plants has gone all the way through to China and are being enjoyed by Panda bears for dinner. We have temporarily given up trying to eradicate our yard of these obstinate plants that so desperately want to grow. These horsetail reeds will never give up and just like our stories, our poems and our dreams they need to continue growing up from the ground into the sunshine where everyone can see them! Don’t ever give up. Stay determined. Remain focused, while remembering to grow in some way every day!

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We pose in front of a camera and say cheese and then in a flash, the smiles are put away until next time. My mission is to create more smiles and hearing your laughter or at least hearing about it, is my reward.

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