Book Review Chasing the Wind

Book Review:
Chasing the Wind, written by Norma Beishir and Collin Beishir, cover by Collin Beishir

Chasing the Wind is an action thriller novel, set in modern times.
At first, I didn’t know what was happening. I had to keep reading to understand where the story was going. As the book progressed, I tried to answer my questions ahead of the plot. I would not have guessed the outcome correctly.
The story starts in the U.S. where young children from different places had just been kidnapped. There is a mystery surrounding the abductions. Although the children are the same age, that is the only thing they have in common. None of the families knew each other.
The plot then takes us to England where we meet Lynne who is a single woman, a main character. Lynne meets Connor, another main character. Lynne is an archeologist working in the Mideast. Her funding has run out. Connor comes to the rescue by providing the money needed. There is one catch. She must take Connor to the site where he will monitor the digs.
Lynne is skeptical because of Connor’s quick offer. She has reason to be, since Connor does have a hidden past. However, she makes the deal and they head off together to Israel.
The book is easy to read; hard to put down. As the action unfolds, more questions kept coming to mind. Just when one was answered, another popped up. One answer led to another question. One question led to another answer, and so the puzzle continued.
What do the missing children have to do with Lynne and/or Connor? What is Connor’s secret he’s reluctant to discuss with Lynne? Why is Connor at the excavation site? Does he develop true feelings for Lynne or is this also a ruse?
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. I loved the intrigue, the banter between Lynne and Connor, and the emotions the writers bring out so adeptly. I would recommend this book to anyone. I anxiously await the sequel.
Chasing the Wind is available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. E-book form is $2.99 and paperback is $15.00.


2 thoughts on “Book Review Chasing the Wind

  1. This is a very good review of Norma Beishir’s book. And I agree, well, with what you’ve said about that it is easy to read and hard to put down. I loved the banter, too, that is shown between Lynne and Conner. Conner, to me, seems sexy, charming when he wants to be, and seems to grab life by the horns. A cool character. There’s that, plus the story is cool, too. 🙂

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