Book Review: “Box of Rocks” by Karla Telega

Box of Rocks Book Cover

Available in eBook format for $2.99

“Box of Rocks” is a mystery novel about a middle aged woman named Maggie Gorski and her close friend, Cher Anderson. Maggie has been down on herself, having left her job a year before due to panic attacks. She also has had other signs of aging. She now feels as though her life is uneventful. Cher on the other hand is rich, left with a lot of money from her ex-husband who impregnated his secretary.

Maggie’s therapist recommends that she find a hobby. Who better to help her than her closest friend? After getting a bit drunk, they come up with a list of things that could possibly function as this hobby. After scratching the first two, they come to the third one which is rock collecting.

In the mean time, Paul Lakeland is working on his doctoral thesis in archaeology. He manages to stumble on an old burial ground that happens to be a literal gold mine. His thesis advisor wants his historical discovery. Bear on the other hand wants to keep the gold a secret for his own purposes. It turns out Bear isn’t very good at murder and all hell breaks loose.

The paths of several people who do not know each other cross and Maggie and Cher go from hobby seekers to attempting to solve a murder, with the “help” of their two dogs.

First of all, this book is absolutely hilarious. The descriptions and dialog are hysterical. Here are some examples:

“She mentally went through her list:

Life insurance paid up: check
Will up to date: check
Wearing clean underwear: check”

“When Maggie returned home, she found Ted standing in the garage, staring thoughtfully at his arch-nemesis, the lawnmower.”

The characters are vibrant and come to life in such a way that you’ll believe they are real people who the author simply observed and recorded. If you are a fan of mysteries or just want to be able to laugh and enjoy a good book, this is definitely one for you.


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