Happy Birthday Norma!!!

Today, one of our own has a birthday…I think she’s 39 one more time. Not sure of the official number of candles on the cake, but who needs candles when you’re just going to eat the cake anyway. Besides, candlewax isn’t good for you…oh right…for the wishes!

Norma, may all your wishes and dreams come true this year!!!

So, lets wish our lovely friend, Norma Beishir a wonderful birthday today! She is one special lady!!

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I'm a wife, mother, writer and a blogger. I have five novels published at Amazon.com and a couple more in the works right now. I've got so many great friends that have helped me achieve my writing goals, and I've still got a lot to learn. They're all terrific people, some of them bestselling authors and some just starting out like me. I've got five books out as e-books: 1. "Wildflower" is a Contemporary Romance, a sexy love story about a younger man and an older woman 2. "Remember The Eyes" is a Paranormal Romance, and Book One in a series. 3. "Nothing Without You" is Book Two 4. "Infinite", is Book Three. Each book revolves around Riley and Michael, the love they share together and even the discoveries made with each other. 5. "The Bracelet", a Fantasy Romance about a woman torn between two worlds.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Norma!!!

  1. You know, Karla, I do! But I don’t use it on friends, so you guys are all safe.

    The one good thing about getting older is that you can’t remember how old you are. Maybe memory loss is a blessing from God?

    Thanks, Beth!

    • Well, I said 39, but Mike said 25….so, I guess Mike will probably win that contest…

      I’m terrible with ages…I couldn’t guess how old any of you guys are just by looking at you…maybe that’s a good thing.

  2. Happy Birthday, Norma! I hope you enjoy your day and that you will be blessed with 100 or more happy, healthy and successful years! By the way, I’ll guess you are the same age as me and that would be 28, right?? Take care.

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