Review: NOTHING WITHOUT YOU by Beth Muscat

I’ll confess: I’m not a fan of young adult novels, nor am I a fan of paranormal/fantasy–so consider me a hard sell in both genres. I am, however, a huge fan of well-developed characters, good pacing, great storytelling and an enduring love story–and author Beth Muscat delivers on all counts. Though each book can stand alone, her REMEMBER THE EYES trilogy (REMEMBER THE EYES, NOTHING WITHOUT YOU and INFINITE) should be read in chronological order to fully appreciate the enduring love story of Riley and Michael, who first meet in college…or did they? Remember the eyes…why? Have they met before? When? Where? How? Read the trilogy and find out!

Riley is a typical young woman in that she’s insecure in ways most young women are: her physical appearance. But she’s also gifted in ways few other young women could even imagine. She has psychic abilities of a very high level. She doesn’t see dead people–she can do far more than hear voices.

And I’m thrilled to see that there are no vampires in these novels–though as bloodsuckers go, Brenda can hold her own with the most vicious of them.

Not having read many books in these genres, I have little in the way of basis for comparison, though it could be in some ways compared to a movie I’ve always loved, SOMEWHERE IN TIME, which starred Jane Seymour and the late Christopher Reeve.

If you love paranormal romance, this is a series you shouldn’t miss. You’ll love Riley and Michael. 

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