Book Review: “Nothing Without You” (Remember the Eyes, Part 2) by Beth Muscat

Nothing WIthout You Cover

Available in eBook format for $3.09.

“Nothing Without You” is the continuation of the “Remember the Eyes” trilogy. Picking up shortly after the first book leaves off, Riley decides to surprise Michael for Christmas with a trip to London to see his family. They have a great time but when they return to school, Riley’s room has been ransacked. Of course, she wants to report it to security, but she never makes it there.

We see the return of Brenda, who is even more psychotic this time around than she was last time and is still obsessed with Michael. In league with Dr. Simpson, a sadistic man, she helps her “boy toy” Doug kidnap Riley for experimentation due to her psychic abilities. Michael vows to do what he must to find her. But how can he do it? By the discovery of something that was secret even from him.

This trilogy focuses on two soulmates who have been together through numerous lifetimes. Their intense love comes surging back from the time of their first meeting in the first book and grows stronger with each passing moment. This particular volume is quite intense. Unlike the first one, there are some disturbing themes and imagery.

Beth Muscat stays true to the characters. You’ll want to take a crowbar to Brenda and Dr. Simpson, who probably don’t even have souls. Your heart will ache for Riley and the trials she endures. You’ll feel for Michael as he is truly lost without her. Fans of paranormal romance will eat this up.


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