B&N doesn’t, but Fictionwise does

I found out accidentally, through one of those addicted, obsessive web searches, that Storm Chaser is available for the Nook and most other e-book formats now that it’s being sold on Fictionwise:


Fictionwise was acquired by Barnes & Noble in 2009, and is reported to be one of the largest e-book sellers in North America, distributing about 1.5 million e-books a year. That makes Storm Chaser available not just for Kindle and Nook, but for just
about every device out there.

Although Whiskey Creek Press already has it for sale in PDF and HTML format, which can be transferred to most e-readers, some people prefer to skip the extra step!

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About markrhunter

My debut novel, Storm Chaser, a contemporary romantic comedy set in rural Indiana, was released by Whiskey Creek Press in June, 2011. Since then I've also published its sequel, "The Notorious Ian Grant"; a related collection of short stories, "Storm Chaser Shorts"; a YA humor-adventure, "The No-Campfire Girls"; and two local history books, "Smoky Days and Sleepless Nights" and "Images of America: Albion and Noble County". My humor column, “Slightly Off the Mark,” has been published for over twenty years. I live in a small northeast Indiana town with my wife, our dog Bae, and a cowardly ball python named Lucius. I have two daughters and twin two-year-old grandsons, and I'm employed as a dispatcher for the Noble County Sheriff’s Department—a day job that I ironically work at night. I'm safety officer, instructor, and public information officer for the Albion Volunteer Fire Department, and when not writing I laugh hysterically at the notion of having spare time.

8 thoughts on “B&N doesn’t, but Fictionwise does

  1. Amazing how these ‘acquisitions’ are kept so quiet. I guess if B&N’s customers knew, they’d save money over the price of B&N’s books.

    • Could be. It actually says on the Fictionwise website that they’re a Barnes & Noble company, but as far as I know there’s nothing on the B&N website pointing that out. In any case, the claim that they’re an “independent” bookseller is questionable.

    • Amazing, and a little disheartening! I find it depressing that after I’ve queried half a dozen of the “big” publishers, I’ve basically covered them all.

    • I would think they would. It does say on the fictionwise site that they’re a Barnes & Noble company, but if you’re not paying attention it’s easy to miss.

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