Review: “Remember the Eyes Book 1” by Beth Muscat

Remember the Eyes Book Cover

Remember the Eyes is available in eBook format for $1.19.

A paranormal romance that doesn’t involve vampires!? I thought that was a dying theme. Well, if it was, Beth Muscat has resurrected it with “Remember the Eyes”, the first book of a trilogy that does not star a vampire. I’m not putting down vampire romances, it’s just nice to see something different.

We are introduced to Riley. She’s a young woman getting ready to go to college. She doesn’t have a high opinion of her appearance but she has something few other people have: psychic ability. Not just some cheesy, vague future predictions either. She can read minds, astral walk, use telekinesis, and is even learning to astral travel.

We have Michael, a young man who lives in London and is looking to go to college somewhere out west. Actually, he is drawn to it. As you might have guessed, it’s the same school Riley is going to. He’s in a band with a group of his friends who are also going to the school.

So everyone manages to get to school. Michael and Riley literally run into each other. Their interest is sparked immediately. Actually, it’s so intense, at first you may say huh? Keep reading. Keep the title in mind. It makes sense.

Now, you can’t have a paranormal romance with out some pesky malcontent getting in the way of the intense love of the main characters. In this case, enter psycho chick Brenda. She’s about as mentally unbalanced as they get.

What is Brenda’s secret?

What is the mystery behind Michael and Riley’s intense connection?

What is the truth behind Riley’s dreams?

Fans of paranormal romance definitely need to check this one out. I am not a fan of paranormal romance and I still found this book to be cool so that should tell you something. At $1.19 on the Kindle, the price is definitely right.


4 thoughts on “Review: “Remember the Eyes Book 1” by Beth Muscat

  1. Mike, I’ve got to hand it to you–you give good review!

    Like you, I’m not a fan of paranormal romance nor of YA, but like you, I found much to like about this series. Beth’s done a great job!

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