Attention! Attention!

A big Happy Birthday to WMD member Beth Muscat!


Have some cake and ice cream, maybe a nice dinner with your family, and hopefully get a lot of cool gifts.

And above all, do a lot of writing!


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About Norma Beishir

Author of sixteen novels (so far). Two new works are upcoming, as well as the reissue of my backlist as e-books. Writing under three names: Norma Beishir, Scarlett Martin and Toni Collins. Compulsive blogger with six active blogs at Blogger in addition to my page here.

3 thoughts on “Attention! Attention!

  1. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

    I did have a brownie with some ice cream that I shared with Chris and Jamie at the restaurant…we went out for lunch. And, I got a Chapters gift card from Chris, so I can go buy some more books for the camping trip, and from Jamie, a very sweet hazelnut candle that smells divine, a mug and a puzzle book. She picked out everything herself!

    And, yes, I did get lots of writing done at work last night…working again tonight, so hopefully I get some more done!!

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