>A Walk Down Memory Lane….

>In setting up my new computer, I had to transfer a lot of files from my external hard drive.  While doing so, I sorted through some files–and found a few things I’m going to share here:

Berkley did a free copy promo for Angels at Midnight, as advertised in Redbook.

A Time for Legends was advertised in Good Housekeeping….

The ad Berkley placed for my first novel, Dance of the Gods--in Vogue!

A page from the publisher’s catalog….

I’d use any excuse for a trip to Florida, and the Miami Book Fair was a good one!

This is an excerpt  from an article that appeared in Woman, Inc., a supplement of the St. Louis Business Journal, on local authors (it was a very long article, so I couldn’t post all of it here)….

And this is my favorite of the sell pieces Berkley did for my books–for A Time for Legends….

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Author of sixteen novels (so far). Two new works are upcoming, as well as the reissue of my backlist as e-books. Writing under three names: Norma Beishir, Scarlett Martin and Toni Collins. Compulsive blogger with six active blogs at Blogger in addition to my page here.

13 thoughts on “>A Walk Down Memory Lane….

  1. >How fantastic that you are able to share these with us! I look forward to reading these books one day!! You are an inspiration to all of us newbies to the writing and publishing world!

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