>Review: Wildflower by Beth Muscat


This is my favorite of this author’s work, though I like everything she’s done so far. 

Wildflower is the story of Sandy, forty-seven, a woman whose marriage has stagnated. Her husband, a successful businessman, is away most of the time. He’s lost interest in her in spite of her efforts to maintain her looks and her body. She’s discovered he’s having an affair. Still, she remains in the marriage. 

Enter Nick, twenty years her junior and co-owner of the gym to which she belongs. In a word, he’s a hunk. Make that HUNK. He’s been more than a little aware of Sandy when she’s at the gym. They get to know each other, and romance inevitably blossoms. 

Author Beth Muscat handles the issues older women/younger men couplings face–the disapproval of family members, insecurities with regard to aging, and the failure of Sandy’s marriage, most notably–with sensitivity and realism. I’ve read several novels dealing with this sort of age-gap romance, and none of them, not even the ones authored by more experienced authors, compare to this one. 

Will Sandy and Nick overcome their own doubts and the objections of her two college-age children? I advise you to buy this book and find out, because I’m not going to tell you. It would spoil all the fun of discovering it yourself as you get to know these two through reading this wonderful novel! 

I’ve purchased all five of Beth Muscat’s novels: The Bracelet, Remember the Eyes, Nothing Without You and Infinite are the other four, the latter three being a trilogy. She’s a fine writer, good at characterization, narrative and dialogue. She’s proven her ability to develop characters throughout subsequent books. 

Five stars, without reservation. I loved it! 

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10 thoughts on “>Review: Wildflower by Beth Muscat

  1. >Tell me something…why is it that books such as this one, the one I thought would do really well, hasn't done anything? The one book (The Bracelet), which I didn't think would do very well, has done the best…I guess all the kindle readers are young and don't read romances…

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