This one’s going to be short and sweet. 

I recently signed on to the Goodreads Author program, which means I need fans. Those of you who are members at Goodreads, here’s the link to my author listing:


If you’re not a member, can I convince you to join? I’m going to be doing a book giveaway as soon as I get my page set up there (it’s currently under construction, so don’t mind the mess if you visit). I’ll be giving away copies of Chasing the Wind and Final Hours–and one of my backlist books, Luck of the Draw (I actually still have some copies!)

I also have some copies of my foreign language translations, for anyone who can read them….

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About Norma Beishir

Author of sixteen novels (so far). Two new works are upcoming, as well as the reissue of my backlist as e-books. Writing under three names: Norma Beishir, Scarlett Martin and Toni Collins. Compulsive blogger with six active blogs at Blogger in addition to my page here.

16 thoughts on “>FREE BOOKS!!! FREE BOOKS!!! FREE BOOKS!!!

  1. >This is a great idea…if I wasn't so new at this, I'd do the same thing. Goodreads and Shelfari are very good sites.Oh, you know which one I like…but I haven't read Luck of the Draw yet….Oh, and I can't wait for your new ones to come out.

  2. >DONE ! ! !I used my real name so I don't think you will know it is me !…. I should have used parsnip…I found myself starting to sign my art by parsnip and have to go back and put the other name in.But really which name is real ?cheers, parsnip

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