>Six Sentence Sunday (An Army of Angels)

>This week, I’m taking my six sentences from my upcoming novel An Army of Angels….

He was about to be executed.

It means the fiasco I created with the children born in the last decade was not a factor in your cloning.”

Robyn nodded again, still stunned by the resemblance even though she’d known this man existed.

He begrudgingly admitted they were his best and most original work, but they gave him no pleasure, no sense of satisfaction.

Instead of the traditional bride and groom topper, the couple at the top of this cake were Beauty and the Beast.

Okay, so this one’s a twofer, but it was necessary….

And if I get old while you’re still young?” he asked.

            She grinned. “Then people will look at us and say, ‘Look at that old geezer with that hot babe. He’s either filthy rich or an amazing lover.’ And I’ll wink and say, ‘He ain’t got a dime.’’” 

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About Norma Beishir

Author of sixteen novels (so far). Two new works are upcoming, as well as the reissue of my backlist as e-books. Writing under three names: Norma Beishir, Scarlett Martin and Toni Collins. Compulsive blogger with six active blogs at Blogger in addition to my page here.

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