>Six Sentence Sunday (Chasing the Wind)

>I learned this one from William. I’ve done it with Final Hours, and William and I did one together for Same Time, Tomorrow on our joint blog. This time, I’m taking six sentences from Chasing the Wind…okay, technically it’s seven, but the two had to be used together to make sense.

We tend to bend the rules. We haven’t always done it on Sunday, either.


“If I believed in all that supernatural crap, I’d think the devil’s testing me to see if I’m eligible for hell.”

“Heaven could be outsourcing.”

“What the hell are pigs doing in DC?” Caitlin asked.
Jack didn’t miss a beat. “Running for Congress.”

“This is not news, Ally. They’ve been at war since Moses came down from the mountain.”

“Darcy wouldn’t recognize love if it walked up and slapped him in the face.”

“I thought you’d be in your box, waiting for the sun to go down.” 

I just realized…they’re all dialogue….

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