>The Autumn of My Life


I’m the photographer here. The photos may not be professional, but I was blessed with four real supermodels….

The Autumn of My Life…I think that was a song title from the sixties. Bobby Goldsboro. He had a few big hits. This was one. Honey was another. He was known for sad songs about love lost.

But that’s not what this blog’s about, as you can see. This blog is about my favorite season, autumn. I love it! Moderate temperatures. Spectacular colors (if we’re lucky). Hayrides. Thanksgiving. I love taking a walk in the crisp morning air…the leaves falling, the wind blowing them around my feet. 

Okay, I confess. I don’t love it when the wind blows those fallen leaves through my front door and I have to sweep them up and dispose of them….

The arrival of autumn heralds the year winding down, coming to an end.  When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for one year to end and another to begin. My dad used to warn me, “Don’t wish your life away.” Now I know what he meant. Now I wonder how much I’ll be able to accomplish in whatever time I have left.  

Why, I wonder, does time seem to pass more quickly with each passing year?

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Author of sixteen novels (so far). Two new works are upcoming, as well as the reissue of my backlist as e-books. Writing under three names: Norma Beishir, Scarlett Martin and Toni Collins. Compulsive blogger with six active blogs at Blogger in addition to my page here.

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